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What is Hyph?

The goal of the project is to provide a web-master with a way to use intelligent automatic hyphenation on their web-pages.

Formerly you should use ­ marks in your HTML document to let HTML 4.0 compatible browsers break the word. Unfortunately, the browsers even nowadays do not use properly the ­ guide. Firefox doesn't support it at all. Opera and IE (including version 7) insert visible hyphens in place of your soft hyphens when copying text to clipboard. Moreover, text with ­'s is not search engine friendly.

W3C committee did notice the problem and included the definition of the hyphenate property in the CSS3 recommendation draft. And anyway, implementation of hyphenation algorithm is left for browser vendors.

The Hyph script enables you to use hyphenation just now. Unfortunately, the quality of automatic word division is not perfect. It doesn't make use of a dictionary, but only some heuristic algorithm, that sometimes (though reasonably seldom) gives wrong results.

Why use it

If you want to make your texts look more professional, you should consider using Hyph. Text hyphenation ideally suits blogs, articles, narrow-column layout. It makes texts easier to read and more consistently looking. All that you have to do to have that beauty is to add two or three lines into your HTML code. Viewing a Hyph-enabled page in a non-Javascript browser is not a problem — it will properly display the text, though without desired hyphenation. For instructions see section Usage.

If you use the Hyph on your site, please, let me know. Send your site's URL and your comment with the form at Also, please, send feedback on your experience with the program (bugs, lacking features, success stories ;) by e-mail.

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